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Battle Creek Peel It

This is a great fundraiser for football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, lacrosse, rugby, water polo, school organizations, churches, dance, ballet, karate, missionaries, and much more!

Also ask us about our Subway, Jaspare's & Papa Johns cards!

What Is America's Peel It?
America's Peel-It Cards are discount cards that have great discounts! The four area cards are 4 panels with 64 coupons on each and sell for $10. The Subway card is a two panel card with 32 coupons for a FREE 6" sub with purchase of a 6" sub and med drink. These are great deals and the cards fold up to fit in your wallet or purse!
Why Choose Custom ValuCard?

Started locally! Raised over $5,000,000 for schools in 15 years of service in our community!
This program is HASSLE FREE!
Peel-It is an easy fundraising program that includes the following benefits:

  • Available IMMEDIATELY for quick money
  • 50% PROFIT-Cards sell for $10 you keep 50%
  • Great deals
  • No minimum or maximum order
  • No up front costs
  • Return any unsold cards
  • Hassle free-no product to sort through
  • Customers choice the card that best fits their needs
Available cards are Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, 
Pizza and Sub cards


Fundraiser As Easy As 1-2-3!

Step 1 Gather Information: Figure out when you want to start your fundraiser, what you want to raise money for, how much you want to raise, and how many participants will you have. Then fill out the forms found here.

Step 2 Raise Money: Your fundraiser can be shipped out with in 1 to 2 days of us receiving your information. We ship everything UPS so you will always have your cards the next day. You will receive a professional kick off packet that contains customized order forms, incentive flyer, parent letter, sign out sheet, and prize sheet. All you need to provide is the motivation!

Step 3 Finish Your Sale: When you are finished selling,  just  turn in your prize sheet, order forms, and the amount our half. Keep your money off the top! We send you the prizes needed. Its just that easy


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Battle Creek Card
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